Acupuncture in Wednesfield Wolverhampton
Acupuncture in Wednesfield Wolverhampton

Acupuncture Wednesfield

Acupuncture in Wednesfield

Our Wolverhampton acupuncture treatments target specific points on the body to promote healing, balance and relaxation.

What Does Treatment Involve?

Treatment at our Wednesfield acupuncture clinic involves the insertion of very fine acupuncture needles at certain acupuncture points all over the body. The acupuncture needles we use are single use disposable needles.

acupuncture in Wednesfield
acupuncture in Wednesfield

What to wear

Please wear loose clothing. The first treatment is usually needles down the length of your whole back. If you cannot lie down on your front for upto 30 minutes, then please wear a cardigan or blouse/ shirt to cover your front, while you sit to have the needles in your back. loose jogging bottoms and a short sleeved T shirt will also make access to your knees and elbows much easier. The final part of each treatment will be needles to your hands or feet.

Experience the power of natural healing with our expert acupuncture treatments in Wednesfield.

Acupuncture at our Wednesfield clinic
Acupuncture at our Wednesfield clinic

The First Acupuncture Session

The first acupuncture session at our Wednesfield based Wolverhampton acupuncture clinic will take up to an hour and a half. Typically this includes the consultation followed by acupuncture needles down both sides of your back. These needles are left in for about twenty minutes. The needles are then removed. The final part of the first session will be needles in your hands or feet.

Health Insurance

The British Acupuncture Federation members have an agreement with certain health institutions

These health insurance companies either pay all or part of your acupuncture treatment. Conditions vary, so please check with your policy provider before attending your acupuncture appointment.

Benendon Health BHSF CS Healthcare

Equips ME The Exeter UK Health Care

General & Medical Healthcare Medicash

Healix Health Services Freedom Healthcare

Orchard Healthcare Plan Westfield Health

Sovereign Health Simply Health HSF

I am also a member of The Acupuncture Society (MAcS) which has an agreement with Paycare to cover up to 100 percent of your acupuncture treatment (subject to conditions). Please check with them first, that your condition qualifies for acupuncture treatment. I also deal with Health Insurance companies below

Receipts are either emailed after treatment or you can take a photo with your phone so you have a digital copy to send to your insurer

Wednesfield Acupuncture Clinic
Wednesfield Acupuncture Clinic

Alternative Therapies

In addition to acupuncture , we also offer hypnotherapy, acupressure, cupping, moxibustion, acunosis (the combination of acupuncture and hypnotherapy) and other alternative therapies to help patients achieve optimal health.

About Us

Patrick Harnett: Acupuncturist in Wednesfield
Patrick Harnett: Acupuncturist in Wednesfield

Our acupuncture practice is a leading acupuncture clinic in Wolverhampton. We are committed to providing safe, effective and personalised treatments that help our patients achieve their health goals.

Our experienced practitioner uses a holistic approach to healing that addresses the root cause of health issues We offer a wide range of acupuncture services including:

  • General acupuncture

  • Sports acupuncture

  • Pain management acupuncture

  • And more

Patrick Harnett Member of the Acupuncture Association

Member of The Association of Acupuncture Clinicians

Registrant of The British Acupuncture Federation

Member of The Acupuncture Society


The first Acupuncture session at our acupuncture clinic in Wednesfield will include the consultation and will last up to an hour and a half and will cost £55.

Any further sessions will last up to an hour and cost £45

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