Acupuncture for back pain in Wolverhampton

What does acupuncture for back pain involve?

Our Wolverhampton acupuncture clinic believes in treating the whole person. Acupuncture for back pain happens to fit in nicely with what is usually the first treatment in classical acupuncture. Most people present with lower back pain in the Lumber 2 to 5 region at the base of the back. The treatment for this involves two main rows of needles inserted about 25mm or 50mm (an inch or two) either side of the spine down the whole length of the back. These needles are then left in for around 20 minutes. The needles are then removed.

If Sciatica is suspected there may also be needles inserted into the hip/buttocks region.

Further needles, usually in each hand or foot are used to complete the treatment for that session.

A Natural and Effective Treatment

This video fron CBS Heath Watch gives some explanation of how acupuncture can help with pain